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Leggings orders delivery time is crazy in 2020

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Leggings orders delivery time is crazy in 2020

Why I can not get the leggings orders SOON , in 2020 ?


Hi dear,

I contacted with the official UPS service today , by emails and by phone call,  they all explained the UPS warehouse is limited to collect the goods everyday.

So the leggings shipping time will be longer than usual days, usually it will take 4-7 working days for delivery, door to door, but now will be more than 1 week !

What a crazy Leggings orders delivery time cooperation with express company in 2020, I complained with UPS couriers and let them do it as faster as they can.

Maybe there have many other suppliers they also make the same complained with UPS delivery time, but still can not have any ideas I think.

Sorry dear, they promised can be shipped out in 2 working days and let you try to track numbers on Monday please.

I never met this kind of slowly delivery service based on our business experience in last years.

We also got the clients complained on FedEx service as well , not faster as last years and some clients they can not get the FedEx service well as the goods arrive at his door..

Hope the horrible pandemic pass away soon, it really disorganize all over the world normal work and life.

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